The Bail Bond Process In Beverly Hills, CA

Beverly Hills CA Bail Bonds
For those who have been accused of committing a serious crime within the city limits of Beverly Hills, CA, being arrested and taken to the city jail will more than likely happen. Once at the Beverly Hills Jail, the defendant will be asked personal questions so the jailer can identify them. This is the start of the booking process. Once the booking process is complete, the jail will either offer them an own recognizance release (O.R.), or have a bail amount set so they can post a Beverly Hills bail bond and get out of custody.

It’s important to decide rather quickly if you want your loved one bailed out. If they are moved to the Los Angeles County Jail, the bond process will be delayed by quite some time. Their release process could take hours, as opposed to a few minutes within the Beverly Hills Police Department. It is imperative you call us quickly so we can prevent such possible transfer.

Booking Process

Bail Bonds Beverly Hills CAIn order for someone to be bailed out, they must go through the proper legal procedures called the booking process. Booking requires the inmate to have their fingerprints taken (live-scan) for a background check with the Department of Justice (DOJ). Part of the background check verifies that the defendant has no additional warrants or holds that may change their charges and/or total bail amount. The longest procedure in the bail process is getting cleared by the DOJ. Once cleared, we can have the inmate released within an hour.

As soon as your loved one is arrested, you should call us at 310-409-2620. During the process, an inmate can potentially get transferred to Los Angeles County Jail for several reasons such as overcrowding, a medical condition, etc. By contacting us now, we can possibly prevent such transfer and have your loved one free within a matter of minutes. Keep in mind, that the bailing process varies with each situation. If you’re attempting this process on your own, you’ll face a lot of crosswalks you may not know how to handle. The bailing process may take longer depending on the amount of staff employed, their cooperation and workload.

At Your Service

The legal system can be quite confusing for anyone. That’s why we have established ourselves in Beverly Hills, California. We want to help people like you, who may know little about the legal proceedings but really need the guidance of professionals. It is much easier to sit back, and watch us do all the hard work for you. We are available 24/7 to answer any of your questions, or to service you. Call us as soon as you need us for our professional service. We can bring your loved one home in a timely manner, with little to no headache.

Beverly Hills has been a well known city in California. The name itself, has gained the reputation for some of the wealthier residents. Beverly Hills, resides in Los Angeles County. The crime rate in this area is fairly low. Beverly Hills PD has boasted the quickest average response time to a 911 call in the nation, with a 90 second average. Someone who is arrested will have several options to choose from; this of course depends on many factors. The inmate may be limited to options based on criminal record, degree of their crime, and if they are a repeat offender.

Our local office is only a call away from having your legal bond issues resolved. An arrested loved one usually wants out as soon as possible. If you are trying to get your loved one out of jail, the process can be both lengthy and troublesome. Let Beverly Hills bail bonds do all the hard work in getting your loved one to you, as quickly as the legal process allows. Our service is available 24/7 to answer and assist you with your urgent needs.

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